The Zeppelin ZF is a unique aircraft used by ZF for promotional purposes. This week, you could look for him in the Polish skies, as part of the campaign promoting ZF's development strategy: "Next Generation Mobility. NOW "

ZF promotes its vision of next-generation mobility in many ways. The company participates in the ongoing Automechanika 2021 fair, which takes place in Frankfurt. In addition, local promotional campaigns are organized, such as the flights of the Zeppelin ZF airship. Zeppelin ZF's sky journey in Poland began on Saturday, September 11 in Katowice. On that day, the airship also flew over Gliwice, and in the following days over Częstochowa (September 12), Bielsko-Biała and Czechowice-Dziedzice (September 14). In turn, on September 15-16, it will be visible over Wrocław. We took part in a flight over Katowice, and it was a flight for the press or people who won a ticket in an online contest.